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At Anchor⚓Point we do traditional talk therapy (primarily Cognitive Behavior Therapy), and we specialize in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and brain mapping.


Counseling can be defined in many ways. At Anchor⚓Point we are ready to help you find your unique way. A distinguishing feature of our expertise in counseling at Anchor⚓Point is that we are knowledgeable of psychology and human relationships, and we have the additional ability to work with people of a wide variety of faiths, denominations and spiritual paths.

You will find counselors who have actively participated in their own commitment to personal faith, and have learned to understand and enjoy a broad range of faiths and personal spiritual paths. If you seek someone who can help you integrate your faith or spirituality into the counseling session, Anchor⚓Point counselors understand and value your journey.

An example of psychospiritual counseling would be the loss we suffer as grief. Grief can be caused by the loss of a loved one, a family pet, a job, health –the list can be long. A trained counselor can help a client work through the pain of the loss by allowing the client a haven for talking out and crying out the grief without criticism, as well as talking about the process of grieving. The counselor helps the client to find the inner strength and will to overcome whatever life’s obstacles are and help the client back to a wholeness of mind and spirit.

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